Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well, I have a home again...

Despite my fears of a bleak urban exile, I managed to somehow dodge the housing crisis and had a tenancy application accepted this week. And of all the ruined, mouldering reject apartments I fronted up to, along with swarms of other desperate would-be tenants, I managed to get the one I loved, down in my favourite district of Wollongong by the harbour. The most idyllic, ruminative phase of my youth was spent near there, though not so close to the sea as this. I can't believe I'll be living just one block from the harbour. Broken heart or not, I can look forward to a sunny, salty summer. Swimming every morning in salt water certainly takes you out of your head, and puts you back in your body.

One minute's walk from my door...

What is more, I have a large living space, with beaten up old timber floors, alongside a sunny kitchen with weird mosaic countertops. Yesterday I purchased (with obligatory haggling) a large extendable table and comfy chairs. Methinks this will be an excellent roleplaying space...

I also bought a set of double bunks, so that when my oldest boy comes to stay on weekends we can be comrades and talk each other to sleep after long days by the water and long evenings of nerdy gaming. Spike won't be staying for a while, at least not at night. He is still mummy's boy through-and-through in the evenings.

Gamewise, too, I'll be back to basics, having put together a set for OD&D at last. I'm fascinated with those little books, and campaign notes are starting to appear here and there.

I feel ok about it all- it feels like my place, and as though change can get under my skin there. I hope to write here, but hope is a fraud, and only effort will decide how that all goes.   :)


  1. Good to hear some positive news Ragnardbard, I hope things continue to come together for you.

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