Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quick geomorph maps

Working on some sample 1-page dungeon levels. Best get cracking. Anyone know how to organize a roleplaying convention for 100+ people, by the way? Love being a volunteer...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cave Cube prototype

My nephew Adam had a flash of inspiration when I was working on my geomorph dice- involving geomorphs and a Rubik's Cube. So we are making prototypes, and here is mine:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the Pogues in Sydney.

Distant Pogues- photo by Sam.
Wow- a show I've been waiting 25 years to see. Not a disappointment! Best gig ever. Absolutely brilliant!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Wiz-War minis.

Greg commented on the minis for the new Wiz-War set, which are neat and well worth the effort of painting (there are only nine figures, after all). Here are mine:
Red Wizard, Blue Wizard.
Green Wizard, Yellow Wizard.
Slime-form, Werewolf form.
Big Man form, Gnome form, Golem form.

Father vs Son Wiz War- revenge is sweet!

As I have posted before, I rarely win games versus my eldest boy Sid. He is lucky, sharp, and utterly ruthless, whilst I am a good natured fellow, with no killer instinct. Plus I get distracted, admiring the pretty playing pieces.

We had a game this evening though, with my kindly red wizard vs his murderous (always murderous) blue wizard. My starry eyed optimistic approach (get two treasures back to my home base, ducking arcane incendiaries all the while) won through!
Red (dad) vs Blue (Sid)
A charming early move by Sid that demonstrates his 'go for the jugular' approach- surround Dad with booby-traps, then put one more on his home base, just for good measure.
 An early move that demonstrates my damn-hippy approach- "Ok, you burn me with that fireball, and I'll just grab your treasure, ok?"
About to drop his 1st treasure on my base, Sid casts Swap and foils me.   :(
A number of deft (and desperate) moves later, I have his treasure down, but cower, scorched and with few life points remaining, as Sid's blue wizard blasts his way through my door.
A game of cat and mouse followed, I ducked and weaved, blocking spells, won through to his 2nd treasure, then burned those extra mana cards I'd been saving all game, tore through his rose bush (ow!) ran back through the hole I had Wallivored the turn before, and dumped his treasure on my home base to win with 1 life point! Woowee!
You can tell Sid is impressed with my victory...