Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the Pogues in Sydney.

Distant Pogues- photo by Sam.
Wow- a show I've been waiting 25 years to see. Not a disappointment! Best gig ever. Absolutely brilliant!


  1. I saw The Pogues in concert way back in the 80s in Adelaide. MacGowan polished off a whole bottle of whiskey during the performance. It was a fantastic show.

    1. Well, Shane is looking somewhat the worse for wear (hardly surprising) but apart from having to have a little sit down every few songs he was still able to belt it out and is charismatic as ever, and honestly, the band are so brilliant, it was amazing. :-)

    2. I must admit when I saw a photo of the band in an article about them coming here that I didn't recognise MacGowan. I had to google him to find out what he looked like now. It's probably a miracle he's still alive. I'm glad to hear they've still got it as a band.