Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kobold Murder-Tunnels

Here is a quick map showing the murderous siege-passageways for my Kobold Tunnels. The gist is that the kobold tribe here, along with several others in the local hills, are a source of recruits for the Old Guard Kobolds (they go into a kind of sausage-grinder boot-camp and come out elite!), but that their leader is more enthusiastic in this purpose than most. This explains why the kobolds survive here with so many other humanoids around. The sub-tunnels and murder-points give the red scaly-ones a flexible system. They can resist invasion by use of reconnaissance, swift funneling of warriors to trouble spots, pouring pots of hot tar (locally manufactured from the scraggly pine trees found in the hills hereabouts) and dropping caged centipedes on invaders (area 6 will be a refuse-pit/giant centipede nest). They can also abandon the complex via escape tunnels if need be, returning when the threat is gone. Not exactly Tucker's Kobolds (though I think the OGK should be!) but you get the gist.

Another possibility is that the Mud-Eye orcs are out-maneuvering the rival Leg-Breakers via a new alliance with the wily kobolds. Should all be fun...

As for the posting of my actual level write-ups, I'm feeling nervous regarding the OGL, copyright etc (legal matters not being my strong point), and I'm reluctant to do much more of that without giving the OGL some thought. Any advice would be welcome, chums...


  1. What's your biggest concern re. The OGL / copyright?

    The OGL isn't the only option available if you want to share your content.

    - Neil.

  2. Hey, thanks Neil. It's very likely I'm being silly and paranoid- I just very much REALLY do not want to step on other people's toes- I am working around texts published by others after all- Joe mainly, but also E.G.G, although I'm working without access to upper works.

    It's cool. I just need to look into it some more I guess...