Friday, March 23, 2012

Colour-theming the dungeon level maps. Level 1 is Purple!

Thank you Richard Graves & Joe Pallai for: Level One- The Storerooms.


  1. When I was eleven, I had a TERRIBLE, EVIL, TORMENTING teacher, named Mrs Johnston. We were forced to write in cursive script with fountain pens, and the boys were caned or humiliated for making errors, or for other imagined transgressions. Once, for instance, I had a sniffly nose, and she put me in front of the class for fifteen minutes and demonstrated "the correct way in which to blow one's nose" while everyone laughed.

    Well, Mrs Johnston had a weird aversion to the colour purple. At the start of the year she went through everyone's pencil cases and took any purple pencils, textas, pens etc and threw them in the bin. We were forbidden to have purple erasers, bags, pencil cases, accessories of any kind. One new kid was reduced to tears when she screeched at him, tore up his work and broke his pencil- he didn't know, and slipped through her net to colour in purple in her class. I am honestly not exaggerating.

    So if you are still haunting the earth in your severe bun, and looking down your nose at children, Mrs Johnston, then this one is for you. :)