Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gardens and Graveyard, colour...

A slow process, but getting there...   :)


  1. Your map series is generating a fair amount of discussion on Google Plus. I have a large and abiding love for hand-drawn maps, so I am definitely riveted on glimpses of your process. Very cool.

  2. I agree with Cake. The hand-drawn maps are wonderful. I like them better than the computer ones.

    And graveyards and gardens? That's my two favorite things.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  3. Hey, thanks friends! Its nice to know people find them interesting. I have probably mentioned it before, but maps are very central to the way I run a setting as a gamemaster. All is about facillitating at-table improvisation. If I have a map I have immersed myself in for hours, I just feel I that I know the setting a whole lot better. Its about the hours put in, and I am learning to leave perfectionism aside and just let it it be a labour of love.

    All is moving along for my inaugural session for my second weekly game starting this Thursday night. My upper works won't be anywhere near finished, but that's fine. We will have character generation, introduction, a visit to the old job noticeboard in Greyhawk's Low Market, maybe some encounters in the weird, wild hills around Castle Greyhawk. I will be tweaking this megadungeon by means of specific missions and goals, so it doesn't just sandbox itself to death in five sessions...

    Can't say I have ever used Google Plus. Any pointers on how to get into that? It would certainly nice to chat with folks... :)

  4. Wow. That map is fantastic. Hand drawn maps are my favorite.

    Google+, I won't know myself until tomorrow. That will be my first time using it for gaming.

    Keep up the great maps.

  5. Fabulous. What are you using for color? watercolor pencils? pastels?

  6. Thanks Gene. Yep, watercolour pencils and coloured fine-line felt-tip pens...