Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Upper Works East- well, so far as I've done...

Well, I ran out of money for laminating, so that can wait until next week. For now, I will post my notes for the Upper Works so far:

The Outer Gatehouse:


The Gatehouse on the eastern side of the Ravine is entirely shattered down to its foundations, the once ornately carved stone broken into piles of weed-grown rubble. The cobbled path to the bridge is mostly clear, however. Where the path joins the bridge, a pair of broken pillars stand- the less damaged one still clearly bears a relief carving of a staring eye- in fact the emblem of Boccob.

The Great Bridge:
The seemingly impossible span of the Great Bridge crosses the gap of the Ravine, several hundred yards in length. It is broken east of its centre span for a length of 50 yards.

The gap has been repaired as best as possible, considering the circumstances, by the band of Dwarves who guard the Great Stair (see Tower of the Dwarves below), who fashioned a rope bridge and secured it stoutly to the bridge proper. This bridge is, in fact, very well made, and presents no danger to those crossing (though it could easily be sabotaged). The fall to the floor of the Ravine below is 200 feet.
The Old Gatehouse:
For obscure reasons comprehensible only to Zagyg, a Living Marble Statue (as Crystal, RC208), known as the Handmaiden, stands vigil here, doing service to those who know to ask for it. She appears as a beautiful, melancholy marble figure of a maiden with raised arms, and when idle returns to her quiet plinth in a corner.

A group of 12 goblins (RC180) moved in two weeks ago, and almost immediately stumbled upon the secret. One of them, as a joke, commanded the Handmaiden to catch it some rats for its dinner. To the surprise of the goblins, she did just as he was asked, descending the several stairs to the collapsed cellar and returning with some rats.

Since then, the goblins have had a fine time. They ordered the Handmaiden to clear away the rubble in the cellar, and came upon several cases of excellent brandy, stored here long ago. The goblins have been drinking fine brandy and eating rats at their leisure ever since- and for now are tolerated by the Dwarves, though some are considering clearing them out. The remaining brandy (10 bottles) is worth 250gp per bottle (it is VERY good). The goblins have 2d6ep each.

The Handmaiden will not leave the general vicinity of the Old Gatehouse. If damaged, she is mysteriously repaired at dawn of the next day.

There is quite a large amount of graffiti here:
*The Grey Cloaks camped here.
*Pox to the Grey Cloaks!
*Deal straight with the Dwarves.
*What a view!
*Morde died here CY480
*Matlan, Graylis and Jilleen never returned from below. Alas for lost friends.
*Mong of Djekul
*If only she were flesh!-
The Fox
*By the gods, ware the keep!
*Ha! Fools! No one crosses Tall Brihorn. Sleep well, former friends.
*Check the faces in the caves. Smart Orcs!
*The red priests hide another way in.
*The Purples are near the end...
*May Zagyg's privates wither!
*Meg Fairflanks is still in the hedges

The Courtyard:
Wandering Monsters:
(Check once every other turn 1 in 6 chance)
Daylight: Roll d30
1-3= 1d4+2 Goblins (RC180)
4-6= 1d4 flocks of Normal Ravens (CC19)
7-8= 1d3+3 Stirges (RC208)
9-10= 1d3 Normal Rock Rattlers (CC21)
11-12= 1d3 Normal Scorpions (CC54)
13-14= 2d6 Voormis (RCC38)
15-16= 1d4 Giant Centipedes (RC163)
17-19= 1d4 packs of Normal Rats (RC201)
20-21= 1d6 Giant Rats (RC201)
22= 1d8 Skeletons (RC204)
23= 1d4 Zombies (RC213)
24-25= 1d2 Dwarves (see Tower of the Dwarves)
26-27= 1d2 Huge Wood Spiders (CC56)
28= 1 Carrion Crawler (RC163)
29= 1 patrolling Gargoyle* (RC178)
30= 1 Living Marble Statue** (RC208)