Monday, March 19, 2012

Just have to do the lettering now...

Pink=weird for me (a good thing), pushes up the hill, and makes me think of B2, whose Caves of Chaos have been twisted around the eastern bluff to make my Mouths of Madness
I plan to laminate tomorrow for tomorrow night's game, so I will finish the lettering tonight.

People are very kind- I have had stacks of compliments, and feel very humbled. Gene at the Closet Barbarian in particular was kind enough to post about my maps, which is a nice surprise. I should mention that the Mouths of Madness here are just a twisted version of B2's Caves of Chaos, and that the Great Keep is largely (not entirely) nabbed from Jeff Talanian's great sketch  maps for Castle Zagyg: Upper Works. If I could own that finished boxset, I would, but I am saving both of my kidneys in case my kids need them, so it is out of my price range.    ;)     On the other hand, if I did own it, I wouldn't have made my own map, and I kind of like it...

Also, I have been inspired the whole time by the real ruins of Heidelburg Castle (see my header image), and Joe Bloch's splendrous Castle of the Mad Archmage- as I said at the start, this is all my attempt to finish for my own game what Joe put together. He is awesome.


  1. If you put together a book of maps for sale I'd buy it in a second.You could probably do black and white but the coloring of your maps is too cool.

    This is great stuff. I'm really thankful that the Closet Barbarian blog posted about your maps.

  2. I merely tout greatness when i see it.

  3. Gee, thanks fellows. Don't quite know what to say...

    The plan is, once I have Castle Greyhawk squared away for my Thursday night game, to get to work on my own massive subterrene environment/setting. So I do plan to keep mapping and writing. Guess we'll see what happens...

  4. Hi. Just want to chime in, and say i love your maps, beatiful artwork, very evocative. Nothing beats beautiful hand drawn and coloured maps!
    I would love to have that lying laminated on my table top! :)

  5. These are absolutely fantastic!

    I did my own surface ruins and level one dungeons, of course, which are going to be published when Black Blade comes out with CotMA later this year, but if I hadn't I'd be using these. I wish I'd thought of a hedge-maze!

  6. Thanks Joe! That means a lot coming from you mate. Great to hear that CotMA is still coming out via Black Blade. I will be purchasing a hardcover copy for sure!

    I'm running a weekly game with this now- stay posted if you're interested in seeing how my group handles everything...